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About us

WePoPoP AB is a little company taking up the fight for stovetop popcorn and offering popcorn and accessories to take your popcorn experience to new heights. Our company was formed in 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden, now operating in Arvika, with a handful of employees and much help from a fantastic team of popcorn ambassadors that suppoer us in spreading the word and championing popping popcorn right on the stovetop. Check out our popcorn shop, where you can find over 15 different types of popcorn.

Our History

When Bruno studied food and nutrition science at Chalmers University of Technology, he gained an appreciation for how fantastic and magical popcorn really is. It’s a pure, raw food without additives that, by being dried in the sun, gains an enormously long shelf-life if kept cool and dry. And not only that, but if the core is heated, it transforms into a big, white, fluffy treat that melts in your mouth. And beyond that, Bruno learned that popcorn counts as a whole grain, is full of antioxidants, is low in carbohydrates per volume (an extra plus for those with diabetes), is gluten-free, completely vegan, and low in fat if you choose to air-pop it.

Bruno has, since childhood, been responsible for the family popcorn popping, and experimented constantly to achieve the perfect result. He discovered that when he made popcorn, the result varied from bag to bag, despite his refined popping method. The quality differences between popcorn deliveries became apparent, and Bruno quickly saw that the country of origin had a strong relation to the quality. After some detective work, Bruno discovered different types of popcorn, different popcorn qualities, and different corn regions. He contacted a number of high-quality producers, but was met with the same response every time: in order to do business, the supplier required the purchase of several tons of popcorn kernels, preferably a container loaded with 20 tons if the suppliers had any say! But that didn’t stop Bruno! He shared his plans with his friends and acquaintances and began selling tickets to his first popcorn adventure, where the goal was to reach up to at least 1 ton of sold popcorn – which WePoPoP succeeded to do in 2013. Thus began an exciting popcorn journey like no other.

Now WePoPoP as a company is here and on its way to give all popcorn lovers the best possible conditions to enjoy great popcorn moments with their beloved popcorn. Our popcorn range is always expanding as we find more and more popcorn enthusiasts. If you want to buy popcorn for yourself or as a gift, check out our shop.

If you’d like to listen to our history, you can go and listen at P1 Menu (in Swedish) to hear founder Bruno Lindberg talk with Sweden’s Radio about WePoPoP and popcorn. If you’d like to watch a video with a shorter interview, you can watch TV4 News Morning (in Swedish) here and see Bruno popping and talking popcorn. And if you’d like to go really deep, search out our popcorn cooking course that we hold at Medborgarskolan in Gothenburg!

Our vision

Our vision is quite simple in its kind but a challenge to reach: to be the world’s most loved and respected popcorn brand!

Only with the help of our customers can we reach our vision. We are a little start-up company that’s always learning. Many times we do the right thing, but sometimes we fail. Here, you as a customer can help us on our quest. Because only by having a dialogue with ourselves about whether there is something we have done really well or for that matter badly, we can become the best: loved and respected. Therefore, we see our relationship with the customer as a symbiosis and a two-way commitment:

1. Customer’s commitment

The customer undertakes to give WePoPoP feedback when needed, whether it is something that is good or bad. The customer must give us the chance to correct errors before there is dissatisfaction.

2. WePoPoP’s commitment

WePoPoP is committed to always putting the customer first and addressing the concerns that make the customer unhappy.

With that two-way commitment, we hope to retain a life-long relation with our customers.

WePoPoP’s manifest

Ever since popcorn hit the market in the 1930s, this corn’s hidden treasure has had a place at the heart of our snacking culture. We recall golden moments when Uncle Leif and Grandma Monica invited us to the cinema. Or the pop-pop-popping from the kitchen in anticipation of cozy evenings in front of the television. And what has popcorn been reduced to today? Shoved into microwave bags, drenched in salt and butter, something we can’t even bring ourselves to cook properly and with thought. We may feel like we miss a time when popping popcorn on the stove was more common. It feels more real. If you pop our popcorn on the stove, you are popping something that is not artificial, emotionlessly stuffed into a paper bag, left to its fate on a shelf in a depressing grocery store. You pop something that is natural, simple, and clean from unnecessary additives. With our product, you can decide for yourself how you want to season, which oil you want to use and how big a reasonable portion should be. It suits those who care to keep track of what they put in their bellies and what they actually take home with them in their lunchbox. Together, let’s take a step towards the realization that popcorn is not a candy – it’s a vegetable! With the right ingredients and the freedom to prepare it yourself, you who appreciate unique taste experiences can enjoy a snack on your terms, with world-class quality! If you want to enjoy popcorn that provides a sense of conviviality, entertainment, real food and coziness then you can turn to us.

Recipes & books

When it comes to popcorn recipes, there are two great books that have inspired us in some of our recipes: Popcorn by Frances Towner Giedt and the book Popcorn!: 100 A-maize-ing Recipes to Make at Home by Carol Beckerman. Don’t miss The Popcorn Book: Popping popcorn made easy by our very own Bruno Lindberg. Find more information on our own book here.

We’re always looking for inspiration for new recipes! If you have anything you’d like to show us, leave us a tip at our:




If you’d like to make a payment to WePoPoP via Swish, you can do so at 1233796430. Contributions to the Popcorn Revolution Fund are gratefully received there too. 🙂

We at WePoPoP

Bruno Lindberg: Founder and author of The Popcorn Book.

Johannes: Product manager

Milli: Sales and Marketing

Mirjana: Chief operating officer, HR, Finance, among others


Photographer for all the more professional pictures is Andreas Pegelow. Feel free to go in and check out more of his photography at

WePoPoP’s original design is made by Isak Folenius. Feel free to come in and check out other designs Isak has made on his site

Do you have questions, tips on recipes or comments? Contact us at Our company name is WePoPoP AB and our organization number is: 556946-0370.

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